Vintage Style Jewllery for Modern Day Kittens

Splendette fakelite bangles are the most realistic out there and with a wide range of colours. Wearable vintage and Rockabilly style bangles. A good stack of bangles really finishes off any vintage outfit. 

Splendette come in three sizes each of these has a different sized wrist hole.

Maiden For the smaller wristed of you out there, this bangle has a wrist hole diameter of approximately 5.8cm.

Regular Middle sized bangle has a wrist hole diameter of 6.5cm and is the size that all designs will come in. 

Duchess If you need a bit more room in your bangle than the previous two, these are definitely for you! A wrist hole diameter of 7.5cm means there’s just a bit extra space to get in there if you need it.

You can also checguidek direct on the Splendette website for bangle size chart

Please note, all Splendette items are hand made so while they are made as similar as possible, there may be a little bit of variation from the image.